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  • Industry
    Increase Runway Safety
    Without Losing Capacity
    Varec's Automated Foreign Object Debris Detection System
  • FODD
    Bird Strikes
    Surface detection units provide ground level bird detection
    and patented software automatically recognizes
    and separates birds from other FOD types
  • Laser Pin Point FOD
    Laser Pinpoint
    FOD Location
    No more time spent searching the runway,
    Send your ops team to the
    exact location of the FOD
  • Tank Gauging
    Automated Detection
    For Critical Areas
    A scalable system for detection and monitoring
    of FOD at critical intersections and other airport FOD hotspots.

Varec provides a Foreign Object Debris Detection (FODD) system that reduces runway downtime while increasing runway safety, allowing you to increase capacity and efficiency.

The Challenge

Airports across the world are seeing increased demand for air transport, which creates many operational challenges for airport management teams. One of the most critical challenges is finding ways to increase throughput when the runway infrastructure footprint is restricted. When no more runways can be built, then the only option is to increase capacity on the existing infrastructure.

But how can you increase capacity at the operational level without impacting safety? How can you find increased efficiency from an already tight flight schedule? Each day, aircraft face various forms of runway-based safety hazards including birds, wildlife, and a wide range of foreign object debris (FOD). Time must be allocated for safety checks to ensure FOD is not present on runway, apron, and ramp areas. The winter season can be especially challenging, causing additional lost efficiency and increased danger from FOD, mainly due to impaired view of the runway during rain, fog, ice, and snow.

Approved by the FAA

FODD, as manufactured by Varec is Buy America Act (BAA) waiver-approved by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), ensuring availability to U.S. government and aviation transit authorities.

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The Solution

FODD Advantage

Varec offer a unique technical solution to the industry

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